6" Vertical Housings and Trims


13W/18W Architectural Grade New Construction Housing
26W/32W/42W Architectural Grade New Construction Housing
13W/18W Architectural Grade Remodel Housing
26W/32W/42W Architectural Grade Remodel Housing
Specification Grade Reflector
Specification Grade 90° Wall Wash Kicker
Baffled Reflector
Specular Multiplier
Wall Wash Kick Plate
Floating Etched Glass Lens
Floating Frosted Glass Ring
Regressed Convex Lens
Self-Flanged Specular Reflector
Reflector Collar
13W New Construction Housing
18W New Construction Housing
26W New Construction Housing
18W StopAire® Remodel Housing
26W StopAire® Remodel Housing
32W Rated New Construction Housing
42W Rated New Construction Housing
Baffled Reflector for ICAT Housings
Specular Reflector for ICAT Housings
Self-Flanged Specular Reflector for ICAT Housings
Convex Frosted Lens for ICAT Housings
Fresnel Glass Shower Trim for ICAT Housings
Drop Opal Shower Light for ICAT Housings
Floating Frosted Glass Lens for ICAT Housings
Scoop Wall Wash for ICAT Housings
13W StopAire® New Construction Housing
Multiplier with Regressed Lens for RL113-IC Housing
Fresnel Shower Trim for RL113-IC Housing
Drop Opal Shower Light, Glass Lens for RL113-IC Housings
Drop Opal Shower Light, Plastic Lens for RL113-IC Housing
26W/32W/42W Non-IC Type Housing
Specular Multiplier for RL6142VEMV
Scoop Wall Wash for RL6142VEMV