Low Voltage Incandescent


50W Dimmable Flat Back Cylinder
50W Eclipse Perforated Metal Back Cylinder
50W Mini Round Back Cylinder
50W Eclipse Round Back Cylinder with Transformer
50W Eclipse Vented Back Cylinder
50W Adjustable Decorator Fixture
50W Short Gimbal
50W Eclipse Long Gimbal
50W PAR36 Gimbal
75W Micro/Lyte™ Tapered Back
50W Flat Back Cylinder
50W Flat Back Cylinder with Dimmer
50W LED Compatible Flat Back Cylinder
50W Closed-Back MR16
50W LED Compatible Closed-Back MR16
50W Round Back Cylinder
50W Fluted Square
50W LED Compatible MR16 Track Fixture
75W MR16 Framing Projector
75W MR16 Optica
75W Long Gimbal
50W Micro/Lyte™ SlipStream
75W Micro/Lyte™ SlipStream
50W Micro/Lyte™ MR16 Gimbal
50W Micro/Lyte™ Tapered Back
50W Classic Bell Spot AR111
75W Optica AR111
75W Theatrical
75W Micro/Lyte™ Open Gimbal
75W Micro/Lyte™ AR111 Gimbal